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Damien Foundation, 25 years in Nigeria

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Fotographer Tim Dirven, editor Wendy Huyghe and Damien Foundation. Together they travelled to Nigeria, a country where leprosy and tuberculosis are still causing havoc. The trip resulted in warm and captivating stories, and in encounters with powerful personalities. Discover their strength through words and images.


a giant of poverty in Africa

Nigeria (capital city, Abuja) is the most densely populated country in Africa and had a population in excess of 186 million in 2018. It is thirty times larger than Belgium and divided into 36 states. The vastness of the country presents a logistic challenge for any relief organisation.

Tuberculosis in Nigeria

Living with tuberculosis

Of every 100 TB sufferers only 25 are detected and treated. Without treatment, 50 percent of persons affected die within two years.


Leprosy in Nigeria

Living with leprosy

People used to turn their heads when they walked past the leprosy camp. Nothing much has changed.

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